Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Castlefest 2008

Last Saturday Ron and I went to Castlefest, a medieval pagan fantasy festival in the gardens of castle "De Keukenhof" in Lisse. Wonder didn't go this year and Monique couldn't come because she broke her foot, but we met lots of other friends and acquaintances. It's always a feast of recognition. The tickets for the day were sold out and the terrain was so big, that we saw most of the people only once!

There were even more stands than last year. We made several rounds. I bought a lovely wooden box with sliding lid for just €5. As my dried white sage was almost used up, I looked for a new bag. What a difference in prices! At the booth where I eventually bought the sage I looked at a beautiful leather book with handmade paper in it. I loved it, but unfortunately it was almost €90. Absolutely worth it, but a bit much for my budget!
In the Pure Fantasy tent I bought the supernatural thriller "Jachtmaan" (hunting moon) by Tisa Pescar. She signed my book for me too. I'm looking forward to reading it! At the time it's only available in Dutch.

Most people were dressed in style. I didn't feel like it, but I stared my eyes out at all the costumes. Among the public artists performed like Johannes The Fool, the Queen of Bats on stilts by Medusa, green goblins of Greenthingz and more.

The sound of the bands playing on the main stage was bad. I didn't know any of the bands except Omnia of course. Compared to last week in Luxembourg they didn't sound that good due to the bad sound on stage, pity! All day we had warm and sunny weather, but from around 6pm it started to pour. Omnia started at 8.45pm, they have no luck!
The wickerman, build by Omnia & a team from Castlefest and consecrated to the sun god, Lugh, was sacrificed during this special Omnia gig at the Pagan-night. Everyone could put something into the wickerman. A wickerman is an ancient Celtic ritual piece of art, made especially to fill with all sorts of gifts to the gods/goddesses and spirits of nature, after which it will be burned as a sacrifice. Near the end the fire was put out, but I don't understand why! Ritual fire is not meant to be put out except in case of fire hazard, but that was very unlikely with all the rain...

Everyone was wet and tired, so it was time to go home. First we brought Luna with her friend to the train station and then we headed home. A very nice and successful day!
You can see our pictures here. For a limited time you can see IJs' pictures here.


  1. Anonymous6/8/08 14:57

    Hi Tink, it was nice to see you again at CF! It's always a surprise who you are gonna bump into at these events.

    This was my first fair and I absolutely loved it, the atmosphere, the people in costumes...Boyfriend ofcourse loved the wolf-dogs.
    I also didn't buy much, just a book (Mabinogion) but enjoyed myself watching all the pretty things I either don't need or can't afford, and I liked to feel the differend animal skins, all the different textures. I mean, how many chances do you get to pet a wild boar...

    We had to leave at the beginning of the Omnia gig, because our friends (who were driving) had to go back to Limburg that night, so we couldn't stay for the Wickerman ceremony. I heard they put out the fire and was trying to figure out when and why, but couldn't really find anything. Now I know, thanks to your blog and IJs' pictures. It's a relief to know my offering (and the others) got burned but I'm not convinced the extinguishing of the fire was justified. I hope it doesn't happen again next year.

  2. Hello tink, nice knowing you, sound like we have the same interest tinkerbell and a little witchy stuff lol. Ill be coming back to read some more, i love witchy stuff or spokey things


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