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TT #88: Entrecard blogs


Thirteen blogs I got to know through Entrecard

Some time ago I joined Entrecard, a blogging network. You can drop your card to show other bloggers that you visited their site. Other sites can drop their card on your site too, and you can check them out. Entrecard uses a currency - Entrecard Credits (EC for short). You can use this currency to buy adverts on other sites. There are also forums that you can participate in.
I met many familiar bloggers there I already knew from memes like TT and CoT and through other sources. I discover new blogs every day, just by dropping my card on their blog. Here are 13 of them, in no particular order (descriptions by the authors themselves)!

  • Vixen's Den - A blog about a little of everything. Madness and mayhem. Mom, grandma, friend, wanna be poet and wanna be photographer.
  • Witchy Mama - I am your average Witch living a spectacular life! Life being a Pagan mommy and raising my kids Pagan. This blog deals with spirituality, family, health, fitness, beauty well being, the environment and entertainment.
  • From A Yellow House In England - This is a blog about the experiences of an American expat woman living in the English countryside and her adjusting to life in a new place.
  • Luxor - A troublesome but sweet white Oriental Shorthair blogs about himself, his sisters, and human beans.
  • Toltec Insights - I share insights from many spiritual traditions to help you remember it is your birthright to be happy no matter what and that you can create what you want when you want it.
  • Obscure History - Pearls of wisdom about little known facts/events in history and day to day life. A little social commentary on current events is also possible to be found here as well.
  • Dragonfly Cottage - Dragonfly Cottage is a place of rest and respite, solitude, and a life that is made up of animal companions, my writing, my fiber art, and communing deeply with the natural world around me.
  • Margie and Edna's Basement - Margie and Edna are two elderly sisters, the oldest (and nosiest) residents of the fictional town of Jericho, KS. They are cranky and funny, and will share their opinions on pretty much anything under the sun.
  • Sensory Overload - I'm looking to do book reviews, social commentary, and thoughts on current events. This is a departure from any previous blog I've had which mainly dealt in the humor genre.
  • Photography by KML - features the fine art and stock images of photographer, Kathy Libby. KML specializes in Landscape and Nature photos. The stock photos include concepts, food, backgrounds, abstracts, sports, architecture, transportation, and people.
  • Chica & Pumuckl - Funny Blog about two Funny Cats; two Egyptian Cats, first in Egypt, now in Germany.
  • Celtophilia - Celtic music reviews, interviews, & opinions from two dedicated Celtophiles. Find new Celtic Music!
  • Holy Cuteness - Holy Cuteness is a family friendly site which purpose is to brighten up your day ( if your day isn't bright already :-) ) with cute animal pictures and videos.

Just 13 don't do Entrecard justice. There are so many more interesting blogs - I could make a lot of TT's! Check it out for yourself at Entrecard. You can find some of my favourites here.


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  1. I love vixen! I've been reading her FOREVER! I'll have to check out the rest.

  2. Some good company to be found on Entrecard.

  3. Some of these sound interesting. I'll have to take a look.

  4. I have found some new blogs to visit as well in addition to the ones that I already visit.You are part of the group as well. in my reader and I thing I added you to my blogs as well. Hugs and God's Blessings to you and your family,your friend Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

  5. Anonymous21/8/08 00:51

    Gosh, how fun! It's wonderful to meet new bloggers! :)

    I haven't tried Entrecard, but I may need to now.

    Happy TT, Tink - as always, it's a joy! How are you feeling?

  6. Anonymous21/8/08 00:56

    I'm going to have to try it out :) Happy TT

  7. Anonymous21/8/08 01:35

    Thank you for that. I've never heard of Entrecard. Some of those blogs look very interesting.

  8. That is a really good list and and with a wide variety. I'll have to try out Entrecard. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous21/8/08 05:13

    What an interesting list! I will try Entrecard. Always enjoy finding new blogs.

  10. That social networking site sounds interesting. I think I might check it out myself. You seem to have found some blogs that interest you and your list of blogs is intriguing.

    My TT is up here.

  11. Anonymous21/8/08 05:15

    I like your list and some of those are really intriguing. Thanks for the list.

  12. What an excellent idea. Very good post.

    The Pink Flamingo

  13. Anonymous21/8/08 06:06

    I visit Luxor and Chica & Pumuckl quite often.

  14. Thank you for including me in such a group of great blogs! I've also been enjoying discovering new and interesting blogs, including yours! :)

  15. Anonymous21/8/08 07:04

    Interesting post. I've seen EntreCard on other blogs but know nothing about it. Guess I'm going to have to follow the link you left and find out what it's all about.

    Alice at I Was Born2Cree8
    Or My 24th Thursday 13

  16. This is the second time I am seeing this entrecard network. Definitely seems to be worth checking out.

    Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

    In Light and Love


    Modern Musings' 13 Favorite Love Songs

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Thank you for including me in your Thursday Thirteen list. I have found some great blogs on Entrecard, like yours, that I love to read.

  19. that sounds like a nice asortment and I have been to at least half of those blogging is such an experience of potpourri of people

  20. Thanks Tink, I'm off to take a look at them! Happy TT!

  21. I've been thinking of joining Entrecards. I just may go do that today! Thanks!

  22. Some of these sound quite interesting, seems like I need to venture out to new blogs a little More!

    Happy TT! Hope you can stop by!

  23. I never used this Entrecard thing, didn't quite understand how it works but I know a few of these Bloggers.

  24. Anonymous21/8/08 16:38

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are right it is edition #4. Thanks for noticing and letting me know!

  25. Great list, I'll have to peek into it.

    Happy TT!

  26. Anonymous21/8/08 17:03

    This sounds like a good idea, and I recognize a couple of these blogs. Good list.

  27. Great idea for a T13 - because I found YOUR site via Entrecard and love it!

  28. Anonymous21/8/08 18:25

    Thanks for the list, I'll have to check some of these out. Happy TT

  29. Anonymous21/8/08 19:20

    Thanks far including me Tink! I adore the new friends I have made through entrecard, like you.

    Have a wonderful day.

  30. What a great idea for a TT, you read some great blogs there.
    My TT are available at The Cafe & Mama Bear Reads.

  31. Anonymous21/8/08 21:25

    Hehe, thanks for enjoying our blog :-) Entrecard is a great place to find some good reads and meet really great people.

  32. Anonymous22/8/08 04:28

    There are some great blogs and wonderful droppers in this list! :)

    I ♥ Entrecard!

  33. You have made our day! Thank you so much!

  34. Anonymous22/8/08 16:07

    Hmm... quite a collection you have there.

  35. One of the best things about Entrecard is finding great new blogs!

  36. I've heard about this entrecard. I will have to see what it is all about. Problem is that I belong to so many things now that I barely have time to do everything. But it is nice when you get to meet wonderful new people. :O)

  37. What a great way to use Thursday Thirteen. I'll check these out!

  38. What a great idea for TT!! Thanks for sharing your list :)

  39. Thanks for the link! I do visit many on your list - will check out the others too!

  40. Anonymous24/8/08 21:52

    So it goes with my saying: Blogging connecting People - great to meet some of your friends too :-)

  41. I Dare You!
    Yes, it is time again for another challenge from The Cat Realm! Come and check out the details on our blog.
    I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!

  42. Go entrecard!!! Im a loyalist too!

  43. Thanks for visiting my blog. Like yours too. Groetjes

  44. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

    reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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