Friday, May 12, 2006

Ganpati & SFGA: Indigo

Yesterday Wonder picked me up for the monthly SFGA meeting. We left early because he had to go to Ganpati first. That is a great place on the natural beach in Zandvoort. The ambience is relaxed and friendly. The decor is inspired by the Hindu culture. Wonder is going to work there as a masseur.
We had to walk 15 minutes from the end of the boulevard. The weather was sunny but not too hot. I love to walk along the surf on the beach, sometimes paddling through it (great treat for my feet!).
We talked to the owner and had something to eat. I took grilled salmon, which tasted exquisite. Wonder had satay, also very tasty. Ganpati had a wonderful influence on me: I felt relaxed, stressfree. In a way I didn't want to leave at all! :-)

We were a bit late in Amsterdam, but the rest was waiting for us outdoors. We went inside to listen to our guest Benjamin, who told us about (being one of the) new age children or Indigo-children. Better called Indigo's because there are not just children but also adults. At first I didn't know what to think of the theme, but it was very interesting and I've learned a lot. It's difficult to give a simple definition of Indigo's, but you can read more about it in The Indigo Files. Another website is Indigokind, both in Dutch and English (and German).
It was a very intense and intensive evening; afterwards we needed time to process all of it. I'm very glad I had such a relaxing time before, otherwise it could have been a little too much. It's very interesting stuff and I want to read more about it, but later. I was very tired when I got home.

Tonight I had a wonderful dream. I still remember fragments but when I tried to remember more, I felt there was no need. Not the dream itself was important, but the feeling it gave me. I can recall it right now if I want. It feels something like: relaxed, happy, at peace with myself and the world. That description doesn't do it justice, but it's one of the best feelings I ever had. I see it as a special gift that I can evoke when I need it. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but it's a gift I'll cherish...

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