Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hortus Botanicus

Today I've visited the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam with my sister and 2 friends. We planned it some time ago, but it was a great day: the weather was warm and sunny. Although I wanted to go for a long time, I had never been in the Hortus before. It's a beautiful garden on the edge of the hectic center of Amsterdam with herbs, trees, plants, flowers and greenhouses. The collection is very special, outside but also in the greenhouses. I especially liked the three-climate greenhouse (subtropical, tropical and desert-dry). The herbs, trees... I enjoyed it all! We want to go back around August to see other plants flowering.
After the Hortus visit we went to Esoterica for dinner, a 100% organic vegetarian restaurant. Three of us took the specialty of the house: Indonesian rice meal. Very yummy!!!
I've put my pictures in an album at Flickr.


  1. Anonymous6/5/06 10:15

    Mooie foto's weer Tinkerbell :D
    liefs Laïs

  2. Dank je! Ik ben een beetje aan het experimenteren geweest met focus, close-up e.d.

  3. Never been to an organic restaurant.

  4. That looks like a beautiful place to visit. I am glad you had fun

  5. Peppylady, it was my first time too but it bears repetition!

    Thanks Autumn!


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