Monday, May 01, 2006

Occult Beltane

This weekend I celebrated Beltane with a group of people from the Occult Forum. Fridaynight Ron had fixed Wonder's car, so I could ride along with Wonder. First we had to pick up some of his stuff. We were 2 hours too early at the location so we decided to drive on to Bad Bentheim, which was nearby (a few kilometres over the German border). We parked the car and walked around the castle. We had tea in a restaurant above one of the entrances. I really want to go back there to see the castle! Afterwards we did some shopping for the barbecue. The shops in The Netherlands had closed early because of Queen's Day.

Around 4pm we arrived at the scouting clubhouse, where the meeting would take place. After we were welcomed we put our stuff in the dormitory and made up our air-bed. When everyone had arrived the barbecue was prepared under a spacious shelter behind the house. Together we enjoyed the food and drinks everybody brought: yummy!! Wonder had already changed in his ritual clothes when I made this picture: the anachronism set me off in a fit of laughter: a man in medieval clothes using his mobile phone and with one foot on a beer crate!
While some were cleaning up the mess, others made a fire in the circle on the property. It was an ideal place for our ritual; Beltane is the fire sabbath! The ritual was beautiful and felt warm and relaxed. I had a crying fit, because I missed Ron; Beltane is all about god and goddess, man and wife... Wonder helped me by creating a comforting space around me with his healing drum.
Afterwards most of the group stayed around the fire and talked about the ritual and all kinds of other stuff. The fire was warm, but the night got colder. Never mind, the solution was close by! ;-)

I didn't sleep very much; towards sunrise I fell asleep. Although I was awake early I stayed in bed until late in the morning. Outside it was a bit cold, but under the duvet it was nice and comfortable. After breakfast we held a conversation in the circle about dreams and dream explanation. Very interesting! Some people had to go home earlier and with the rest we went for a walk in the wood behind the property. Around 4pm it was time to pack up and go. The fire was out, the meeting was over...
I've had a great weekend, exactly what I needed.


  1. Anonymous2/5/06 16:26

    Hi everybody!

    Well after a weekend with a lot of 'go with the flow'we are back home. I enjoyed this mini vacation as much as you! Looking forward to the next event. Luxemburgh perhaps? But dear...please, when you come with us...please, bring Ron with you, so we can experience the joy of a mini vacation together.

    Love, wonder!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I am sorry to say that I have not been practicing as I should. Beltaine came and went and I had to work. Now that I have moved and we are starting to setting in a bit I hope to get back on track.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself, Autumn. We all have such times; it doesn't make you a lesser pagan! It's not an obligation to celebrate, but a possibility. I don't think the Goddess would want us to celebrate because we feel we have to. If it feels good just to think of the sabbath and you can't make time for doing something, that's okay too.

  4. What an incredible weekend. Sounds like a beautiful, powerful Beltane! As always, love to see the pictures you take!


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