Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Postcard exchange

Two weeks ago I was going through my favourite blogs to keep pace with what's happening. I stumbled upon pictures/scans of postcards from around the world. It turned out to be a worldwide swap of local postcards by bloggers. I offered to take part and sent out cards from IJmuiden, The Netherlands. I already got three in return:

  1. St. Louis, Missouri, USA from Mumbo Jumbo
  2. Manila, Philippines from Viamarie
  3. Melbourne, Australia from Meow

I added the exchange to a new page of my website.

Do you want to exchange postcards with me? Just leave a comment or e-mail me and we'll work it out!


  1. I am glad you got my postcard. Nice ones from Connie and Viamarie, also.
    Isn't it fun receiving the postcards. I have received around 20 so far ... although I have posted them on my main blog, I am in the process of putting them all together on a new blog. It's just lovely to share pictures from around the world.
    Take care, Meow

  2. I really like sending and receiving the postcards! Did you start it?
    I wanted to give the postcards a permanent place too, si I added them to my website.

  3. No, I didn't start it, DaybyDay ( ... I just borrowed the idea (with her permission) !!
    Glad you are enjoying it, as I am.
    Have a great day. take care, Meow

  4. I'd love to exchange postcards. Please e-mail me at rosiegypsy at columbus dot rr dot com with your mailing address, and I'll send back mine.

  5. Anonymous20/5/06 10:05

    Nou..... ik kan wel wat leuke post gebruiken van over de hele wereld ;) Kan je mij wat meer info geven?

    Hoe is 't verder meis?

    Ik heb btw nieuws....... :D


  6. Anonymous21/5/06 13:23

    geweldig is dat he?
    ik heb mijn eerste kaartje ook binnen.
    liefs Laïs

  7. Sure, want a postcard from Oz? (Maybe this gets me over the threshold and into sending postcards after all this time?)

  8. @ Cynthia: Het is heel simpel. Je stelt een andere blogger voor om kaarten uit te wisselen. Als je een echte "groeten uit IJmuiden" wilt, zeg je het maar! :-)
    Ik vermoedde al dat je nieuws hebt vanwege de laatste posten op je log!

    @ Laïs: Leuk dat je ook meedoet! Kaartjes ruilen, of wil je alleen buitenland?

    @ Taconcubano: Yes please! I have your address. Need mine?

  9. hey!
    LOVED the idea with the journals! I've actually been thinking of doing something like that myself. I'll have a look at the Nervousness website.

  10. Anonymous25/5/06 20:11

    OK maar hoe weet je welke mensen mee willen doen dan? Welke blogs? Zal wel weer een suffe vraag zijn maar ja...... Tjee een echte 'garoetjes uit IJmuije' ;) Altijd leuk dat weet je!

    Nah die berichten op m'n log sloegen ergens anders op hoor. Maar ik kom anders de komende dagen wel ff online met Skype dan kan ik het vertellen want mailen is teveel.

    Kussie van je vroegere schone zussie ;)


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