Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yesterday my mother had to do another long function test, this time in the OLVG (hospital where she'll have the surgery) in Amsterdam. I didn't know there was an underground car park, so we went by public transport. My sister accompanied us. We were too early and had to wait. Mum wasn't that nervous before, but the moment we walked into the OLVG she suddenly felt anxious. The last time we were there was for the funeral of her oldest sister; I guess that came over her, along with the nerves for her surgery.
I went inside the test room with her. The test was a bit different than before, and hard. In between tests she got in a coughing fit, but finally the tests were ready. The lung specialist took blood from her pulse to measure the oxygene content. He was very kind and told us his findings straightaway. Thanks to the intake of Prednisone her values were so much better, that he saw no reason not to do the heart surgery. Her lungs are still a risk, but acceptable and treatable. The valve has to be replaced anyhow, so better do it now than later on when the lungs might be worse. She'll hear from the cardiologist next week (probably).
Mum was very relieved and wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible. ;-) It was great weather so we took a walk in the Oosterpark across the street before we went back.


  1. gelukkig zijn haar waarden nu een stuk beter. Is ze inmiddels ook gestopt met roken?
    Wel spannend dat die operatie er nu aankomt...
    Heel veel sterkte, en het komt vast allemaal goed!


  2. Thanks! Nee, ze is nog niet gestopt. Ze stopt na de operatie, zegt ze. I hope so!

  3. Anonymous14/5/06 06:24

    Nou ja dat stoppen...... reken er niet teveel op meis.

    Het is nu ook even belangrijker dat de operatie goed gaat en daarna zien jullie wel weer.

  4. Ik ben zelf ook uitermate sceptisch. Ik reken er niet op, maar ik blijf hopen!


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