Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I just received a message on an e-maillist with the link to a video. It is a woman coming home after Trading Spouses (Jouw Vrouw, Mijn Vrouw over here). She is a christian and had traded places with a witch. She's completely freaking out in front of her husband and kids. Scary...
The video is 5 min 31 sec and you can see it here.


  1. the video wasn't working, but I think this might be the same TV show I watch, we have one here called Wife Swap. I blogged about it recently

  2. Anonymous2/3/06 05:07

    Hi! It's Taniwha from Live Journal.

    I just found your new blog, and thought I'd pop over to take a nosey. Hope you don't mind.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    See ya! (-:

  3. @ Autumn: Yes, that's the same show I guess. I'd like to see the whole episode, because it seems like the husband and kids had a good time with the witch. At least with respect from both sides.

    @Taniwha: Hi and welcome! Glad you found me, of course I don't mind!

  4. Hi again. I finally got into the webstie and was shocked at what I saw. What a crazy women! It is so sad to see someone who is so narrow minded. I am afraid if she came to my house she would flip out the same way.

  5. Anonymous6/3/06 10:52

    huh? So now I'm really glad not to be a Christian. I can come home and relax on my bed with a good book, instead of having to scream and get my family upset. Nope, not my thing. BTW: noticed the balloonanimals on the movie. Seems like they've had a visit of some vrey scary, unholy beast, whoehahaha.


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