Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, lambs play in the meadows, crocuses and other bulbs come up. The world looks brighter. I didn't do anything special for Ostara, but that's okay for now. I am too busy with other things. I've decided not to put extra pressure on myself about it until I have my own space and more time to celebrate.

Yesterday my cousin Sandra got married. My mum was invited and I accompanied her. The bride (and groom!) looked marvellous and very happy. I'm glad for them and hope they'll continue to have a great life together. I didn't know a lot of the guests, only the family. It was nice to talk to them again. I also felt the presence of my grandfather (my mum's dad). He didn't communicate much, just let me feel he was there. The last time I felt him was at the funeral of my cousin Hans years ago. It's such a pity I haven't known him that long. I would have loved to get to know him better, but he died when I was 7 years old.

This morning my mother had an appointment with the lung specialist. We thought this would be the last step before surgery, but no such luck. Next Tuesday she has to do an extensive lung function test in Haarlem and Wednesday we have to see the lung specialist again for the results. The severe pulmonary emphysema is an extra risk in surgery. Normally he would advise against it, but the replacement of the aorta valve is essential. To reduce the risks my mother will be admitted to hospital a few days earlier, so the doctors can give her lungs extra medicine and care before the operation.


  1. Wat een gedoe hè, met je moeder, het zal best zenuwslopend voor haar zijn; of heeft ze zich er inmiddels bij neergelegd?
    Ik wens jullie allemaal veel sterkte toe!


  2. Anonymous22/3/06 21:43

    jeetje veel sterkte jullie.
    en een fijne Ostara!
    liefs Laïs


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