Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Last Sunday I visited the Onkruidbeurs (Onkruid is a spiritual magazine, beurs=fair) in Houten with my sister Joke and WonderWillow. There were two big halls with lots of stands, varying from publishing companies to colleges to shops etc., all in the field of spirituality, new-age and the like. Upstairs were two rooms for lectures.

We met a lot of friends and acquaintances. Vrouw Holda (my friend Renee) had a wonderful stand, where Wonder and Joke both drew a personal rune which Renee explained to them. It was great to see, hug and talk to her again.
Wonder had a meeting with Benjamin Two Bears about a future project. I had met him before, but this time he brought his wife Margot, a (drawing) medium. She is a very nice person and I'd like to make an appointment with her.
I have bought a book on the recommendation of Wonder: The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen. He said it was the best book he ever read and his taste in reading is similar to mine. I wanted to buy a beautiful water fountain (table size), but when I went back to do so the last one had just been sold. Pity!
We visited a lecture/workshop on Tai Chi. That has always fascinated me. We did a few basic positions and movements. Very difficult, but a challenge and it felt great. I hope it will be taught in my neighbourhood one day.

The title of this post is "Hope", I'll explain why. We attended a lecture about integration of eastern and western medicine by Dr. Sofyan Rangkuti (doctor, surgeon, acupuncturist and herbalist). He first told about what has been achieved so far. Then he talked about two projects/studies in which patients can take part for free; one for back issues and one about... chronic fatigue. After the lecture I asked him about it. An assistant told me to call the next day, so I did. Guess what... they have place for another patient! My first appointment is next Friday, March 31st, in the clinic in Koog aan de Zaan. It will be a multidisciplinary treatment. I'm curious, but also a bit nervous!

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