Friday, March 31, 2006

Acupuncture part 1

Today was my first appointment for the chronic fatigue study in the Rangkuti Clinic in Koog a/d Zaan. It was a half hour drive and a quarter to find a parking space...
I was tired and still a bit nervous when I arrived. While I was waiting I filled in a questionnaire about my medical problems, treatments, medicines and some personal questions (among them: how often do you have sex? how often do you masturbate? *lol*). It was very thorough. After I filled it in someone went through it with me to fill in the blanks.
Then it was time to enter the treatment room. I undressed to my underwear and lay down on a bed. I was covered with a big soft towel. There were three doctors. They felt both my pulses and looked at my tongue. After some consideration one of them placed 8 laser-acupuncture wires with tape: one on each foot, one on each hand and four on my right ear. I got glasses to protect my eyes and all I had to do was relax for 30 minutes (?). No problem there! After they checked my pulses again I was ready for today. I felt relaxed and good.
Next Friday new appointment at noon!


  1. reminds me of the time a nurse stuck herself with a blood draw needle which resulted in a hospital administator type coming to my room to get permission to test me for STDs and to inquire about my risky sexual behaviors

    i think they do it on purpose - ask embarassing questions just to see us squirm

  2. At least I didn't give them the pleasure of reacting on it. ;-)

  3. I'll be interested in hearing about whether or not accupuncture helps with your chronic fatigue. I have firbromyalgia (FMS), and chronic fatigue is one of the symptoms. I'm going through a good period right now, more energy; but a couple years ago I gave up doing anything, even yoga, because I was so exhausted. I've wondered about trying accupuncture to see if it helps.

  4. Glad to hear you're in a good period. I know several women with fibromyalgia and it's hard.
    I'll share my experiences with acupuncture here. Even if it doesn't work for me, it could be different for you and others.


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