Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CoT #3: running taps

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What's it with cats and running taps..? Water in a bowl isn't interesting at all, fresh water from the running tap on the other hand is veeeeery interesting!

GarfieldLast week I told you about Garfield. He always drank from the running tap. He jumped on the kitchen unit and looked emphaticly at the tap, until I turned it on dripping.

Last February I made this video of Freyja & Bastet playing in the sink:

They still like to play around it, ending up all wet. :-)
Bastet & Freyja

The running tap also helped them to except Maia.
She just played along and joined in on the fun!


  1. My cat, Blessing, loves running water. The other two - nope. Bless will actually come to me and put his paw on my leg to ask "Please?" and I go and run the tub for him! He has ME trained well, huh?? LOL

    D :)

  2. You all look like you are having fun with the running water! I like to play with the water from the tap, but I don't like to drink it. Munich water is very hard and tastes yucky.

  3. Anonymous11/9/07 16:04

    That is so sweet. We only have one like that. My older 2 were always drinking out of the toilet in the back room. Don't worry, we keep it very clean in there and it is rarely used.

  4. That is really cute ! From my cats only Pookie loves to drink on the tap. Little Rosie is scared of water and doesn't even support one drop she runs away !
    I have never seen a cat sucking her toe and only one and always the same it's really like a human baby, lol !Funny that Maia does it too we should buy them a pacifier !

  5. Anonymous11/9/07 18:36

    You are right, cats are fascinated by water! I suppose they must wonder why they can never really "catch" it. It is fun to watch them play in the sink like that. I enjoyed the video!

  6. That's just as cute as can be. Gretchen was always at the tap and sometimes just sat and meowed until I turned it on. In the past six months all that has gone by the wayside. The only running water that amuses her now is the flushing toilet.

  7. They sure do like to play in it! BUT just try to get them wet on purpose and see what happens! LOL

  8. I think you have a lot of fun with the water.. This is a funny video !
    I like to play with water on a pond.

  9. Anonymous11/9/07 22:34

    what lovely vid of the cats in the sink - looks like they really appreciate a shower now and then:-)

  10. I love the pics of your kitties. My kitties are afraid of water.

  11. Those are such cute photos of the kitties with trickling water! My little Socks used to love to drink water like that when she was younger but she seems to have outgrown her fascination with it. I guess she would play with about anything when she was a kitten!

  12. Cute pictures! Really brings out a smile.

  13. The video is so cute! I don't know why they all love that; another toy I guess. I really love the photo with the tongue on the faucet; when viewed large it's great.

  14. Anonymous12/9/07 20:17

    They're so cute! My Daphnée was doing the same thing! But i had never see two cats together! The video is super! Sorry to come so late but I was really busy!
    Have a beautiful end of week!


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