Sunday, September 09, 2007

My birthday

Yesterday I had my 39th birthday. In the morning we did the shopping / supermarket part. The postman brought cards and a birthday package. Sorcha had sent me a beautiful card and a lovely all-nature notebook. Online I also received a lot of birthday wishes. The visitors came in the evening. Wonder was a bit earlier, because he had to pick up Swiss guests from Schiphol Airport later. He gave me two wonderful presents: a little statue of Guan Yin and a crystal lotus flower. I have been looking for a Guan Yin statue for months, but couldn't find exactly what I want. This one is perfect! Jenny gave me Tinkerbell bath foam. From the other guests I got money. That's what I asked for, because I have ordered a planner for 2008 and a very special binder in the USA. I'll show it when it arrives. On this picture you can see the presents.
We were with a small group, because half the guests couldn't come, but we had a very pleasant evening. When the group is small you have time to sit and talk yourself instead of walking back and forth to the bar and kitchen. Even the cats didn't disappear as usual, but joined us. Around midnight most people went home.


  1. Happy Birthday Tink! It sounds like you had a nice time. :-)

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday!
    A Global Friendship Warming tag over at my place...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you! I'm glad people around you made you feel special.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Tink! May your year be filled with joy & laughter!!

  5. dat beeld van Guan Yin is heel erg mooi!
    Ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar mooie indiase godenbeeldjes in een neutrale kleur, maar die zijn lastig te vinden :(

  6. Happy Birthday last one was the big and nasty creeps up!


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