Sunday, June 29, 2008

European Soccer Championship

The day we left for Belgium, June 17, was also the day of the last group match of the Dutch soccer team against the Romanians. We only had Belgian tv stations and they didn't broadcast it. Pity, but fortunately the results wouldn't matter that much, as The Netherlands had already reached the quarterfinals. We got the news through sms and phone: we had rounded off an impressive campaign with a third successive victory: 2-0. Okay, good news!

On June 21 we definitely wanted to see the quarter final against Russia. We went to Lier where several cafes had screens and/or televisions to watch the match. The first half we watched in a pool cafe. There was a big screen in the back, but in that area the music was too loud. In the front was a normal television, but we couldn't sit very comfortably there. The barkeepers weren't very sociable. In the break we looked for another place to watch the second half. Just across the street was another cafe where we were warmly welcomed and gladly watched the rest of the game. Well gladly... not about the game of course. Much to our regret the Dutch lost 1-3... :-( Disappointed we headed back to the cottage. The rest of the time in Belgium we didn't pay any attention to Euro 2008.

Tonight is the final between Germany and Spain. My bet is on Germany. May the best team win though!

Update 22.40u:
Wow, Spain is the new European Champion! Not undeserved I must say. It was an interesting match until the last second. It ain't over 'till it's over; you never know, especially with the German team. Schade Deutschland, alles ist vorbei... They earn respect though for reaching the final!


  1. Anonymous31/7/08 02:02

    Wow, Spain? Boy I lost track when Manchester United was out. I can't tell you why - I just seem to track the united.

  2. We were cheering for the Dutch until they were out, and watched the final match at a Pub here in the middle of Kansas (where no one understood accept my Scottish hubby and a handful of "soccer" fans we have initiated into the beautiful game;-)


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