Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ghost Ryder

Today Ron and I visited Wonder, who is still staying at his mom's home in Rijen. We were just in time to drive him to the specialist for a check-up on his leg. She was content, the formation of new bone tissue has started. In the next 6 weeks he can gradually put more weight on his leg (in consultation with his physiotherapist and depending on the pain he has) until he can stand on it completely. Good news!

After we left the hospital we drove to a parking place in Breda, where a very special truck stands. Last time we already went there and Ron made some pictures with his phone. He wanted to go back and take better pictures with his camera. It is a showtruck called Ghost Ryder, a Peterbilt 359 fitted with a Caterpillar 550HP and Phantom F4 Rolls Royce Viper 202 turbojet engine (12000HP) with afterburner. The owner was there too and Ron talked with him. He made a lot of pics and I took some of him next to the truck. If you click the picture below, you can visit the webalbum I made (in a new window).
Ghost Ryder

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