Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trance Prophecy with Janet & Gavin

Yesterday I attended the "Trance Prophecy Intensive Workshop" held by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. I've done the "Inner Mysteries Weekend Workshop" with them in 2004. That was very interesting, so I really liked to do a workshop with them again. Trance Prophecy has always interested me and i wanted to know more. Well, I was at the right workshop for that! As their website says, this was 'A practical participatory intensive to teach individuals how to perform trance prophesy using safe techniques. Includes, the History of trance in ancient paganism and Wicca, its purpose, types and methods of inducing trance states, working with deity in trance, The Underworld Descent Techinque. Creating a Trance Prophesy Ritual.'

It was a long day (from 10am until 9pm), but most definitely worth it. Gavin is a great teacher and Janet is a wonderful storyteller and medium. They complement each other well! Most of the theoretic part we did in the morning and the early afternoon. Very interesting stuff! For the parctical part there was a chair in the middle. First we cast a circle and Gavin lead us through a pathworking down to the gates. The seer or seeress took the chair and got a veil over their head. Gavin or Janet acted as guide and protector for the seer. When the seer met the deity, they were asked if they wanted to come into the seer. They all agreed, but with varying success. It was the intention of Gavin and Janet to get us all in the chair to do a session, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. I missed out and was a bit disappointed about it. I understand it wasn't my time yet or something, but still I felt a bit sad. I talked to Gavin about my feelings and he understood. He was very sorry and promised I'd be first next time. That's okay, it wasn't meant personal to him, I had a great workshop day! I got two very nice messages.

Freya told me there's water in my neigbourhood that can heal me when I'm ready for it. Then she continued: "It's okay to mourn." I started crying. Yesterday it was 2 years ago that my mum passed over. It still hurts, I still miss mum (and dad) a lot. I know it takes long(er) with me to give it a place and move on, but it's my process. I know I'll get there in time and I'm taking all the time I need, no matter what others say or think about it. I think the water Freya was talking about is the sea. I've always know that works healing to me. One day I'll go ducking in the sea.

Janet is a medium. She told me she saw Michelangelo with me. He had a big piece of black marble, representing me. He was carving the black layer away and under the black was pure white crystal. He was recarving me! Wow... Well, if somebody is recarving me, Michelangelo is not just anybody. My marble is in good hands! :-)


  1. Anonymous16/6/08 10:59

    Sounds like you had a great time, it must have been wonderful to work with them. Dawn x

  2. What a lovely image - being recreated with the help of Michaelangelo.


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