Friday, June 13, 2008

Netherlands - France 4-1

picture: website Uefa Euro2008The Dutch supporters again had enough reason to cheer!! After the worldchampion we also beat the vice-worldchampion. Fair is fair, France didn't play bad at all and there were thrilling moments throughout the match. Ribéry was dangerous and of course Henry. He made the only French goal in the 71st minute, but he couldn't enjoy it for long: within a minute later Robben made the third goal for the Netherlands. The other scorers were Kuyt (9'), Van Persie (59') and in the extra time Sneijder made the last one. Robben entered the field for the second half, remarkably quick after his injury. In the last phase of the match he didn't look very fit; I hope he didn't stress and overwork himself. All in all it was another great match to watch!
The Netherlands is groupwinner and therefore certain of the quarterfinals. Yay!

~*~ HUP HOLLAND HUP !!!! ~*~

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  1. viva le holland.
    We did it again and thanks for your comment


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