Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ara Ritual Apart Together

I thought it was a pity we had planned this RAT together with the 2nd soccer match The Netherlands had to play. I even considered doing it earlier, also because I was afraid to be distracted by the noises from the café across from here. But I decided to set my priorities straight, being Ara and Phyllis' friend. We agreed to do a Cone of Power for this friend, who has recently heard she has cancer. We hope to meet her next year at our initiation. This was important to me, so I went upstairs after the national anthems.

I put my headphone on with a meditation CD (Natives by Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai, I can recommend it!) and relaxed. I looked at the friend's picture and somehow felt a connection right away. Just before I started I heard people outside cheering "Holland 1-0!!!"; I smiled, but let it go and pass. I put my Mindfoldmask on and started visualizing the Ara-group and the friend. I met the group at the bottom of the hill. It was a wonderful walk up with beautiful panorama. On the meadow just outside the temple we made a circle. I saw Phyllis walking into the temple. I was at the South, facing the temple. During the ritual Phyllis sat down and connected to us. When we evoked the quarters, I made a mistake and started evoking the west. I quickly switched to the south. Oops! :-) During the Oak Grove I opened my chakra's (I have been preparing for Janet and Gavin's workshop and read about this). The Cone of Power started with an amazing visualisation of golden and silver energy meeting in my solar plexus. I saw and felt it going around our circle very strongly. When we picked up our instruments I was in doubt whether it should be my drum or my rattle. I finally picked up the rattle and we started walking around, first slow than faster and faster. When we released the energy we send it up and slightly westward. The energy was very powerful and kept flowing for quite some time. While my hands were up in the ritual, my 'real' hands were on the friend's picture sending her Reiki. We had to regain our breath for a minute and then did the cake & wine. We talked about the Cone of Power, hoped she would benefit from it fully and wished her all the best. We thanked the god, goddess and elements and closed the circle. Afterwards Phyllis walked to us from the temple. She smiled and complimented us. The ritual was super and the energy felt great. Unfortunately she couldn't stay long because of some calls she had to make, so we said our goodbyes and walked down the hill. When I walked into my hut, I was back in my bedroom immediately. I felt good and relaxed.

Downstairs it was half-time and still 1-0. I decided to write down my experiences in my Ara-book immediately, when it was still fresh in my memory. Good decision, but I should have done it on the computer; writing with my bruised wrist wasn't a good idea. Of course I was pigheaded and wrote nevertheless... Then I grounded fully watching the rest of the match with cola and chips! ;-)


  1. Anonymous31/7/08 02:05

    Wow - what an experience. Now I don't know what an Ara is but it sounds fabulous. Plus I do love cake... ;)

  2. Ara Lowlands is the group I'm working with; we are preparing for initiation in the Ara tradition, founded by Phyllis Curott. See also


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