Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 things in my fridge

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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 26
I skipped the holiday prompts. No disasters to share and not in the right mood for memories. Besides, we have been busy yesterday: wonderful day with my sister coming over for dinner. I drove her home around midnight and back at home I went straight to bed.
Over here in The Netherlands we celebrate Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), First Christmas day (Dec. 25) and Second Christmas Day (Dec. 26). Some regions even celebrate a Third Christmas Day. Enough is enough though... I enjoy the Yuletide, but the christmas days aren't my favourite ones of the year. But I'll stop before this ends in a christmas rant. :-)


Today's prompt is "What are 10 things in your fridge?" So, without further ado:
  1. leftovers from yesterday's dinner - (hmm, I don't know the English word... we cooked our own dinner on the table with a raclette set - we call it a gourmet-set, see this) so that's several kinds of meat, mushrooms, fresh pineapple, sauces and more - enough for the two of us to have another go today 
  2. milk, yogurt, whipped cream
  3. eggs
  4. water kefir, the drink and my supply of grains (probiotics)
  5. beer
  6. Skadi-water (melted snow I use for rituals)
  7. cheese, including my favourite Old Amsterdam
  8. pickles, pickled silver onions, pickled cucumber, Amsterdam pickled onions and other pickled stuff
  9. superglue
  10. self-made herbal vinegar (assorted herbs in apple cider vinegar)


  1. Superglue? I did not know that had to be refrigerated.

    1. It's a tip I read on the manufacturer's website. The air humidity is very low in the fridge. It extends the tenability. :) I'm doing it for years now and it works!

  2. I'm reading your list thinking, 'typical, typical, typical.' Then I saw superglue and grinned. That's awesome!

    It's interesting to learn how you celebrate the Christmas holiday. I agree that it isn't my favorite day of the year, but I do enjoy the holiday cheer. I'm glad it's over.


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