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Weather Wednesday

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Today we talk about the weather. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we all experience the weather. It's one of the ways we connect to nature and often to one another when we first meet and engage in casual conversation. It's such a part of where we live and even who we are!


If you know me (or even if you have only been reading here for the first KIOS-days), you know that I love winter weather: snow, ice, cold.... Yay!

I'll quote a part of my column in PaganPages about the seasons (read the whole thing here):
"Even as a child I had a preference for cold over heat, hence winter over summer. Even though I could handle heat much better than I’m able to now, I loved winter more. Cold, ice and… snow! Playing outside in the snow, ice-skating on the frozen waters… A healthy Dutch winter girl! We had longer and colder winters back then, some 35 years ago. When everybody was fed up with it after weeks of snow, I only wanted more. Well, nothing has changed there!"

I just made this my new Facebook-cover:
source: Desktop Nexus
It shows my favourite weather: sunny, blue sky, snow and icy cold. :)

Every year when it's getting colder, the speculations start in The Netherlands whether it will be cold enough to have an "Elfstedentocht" (Eleven Cities Tour) this winter. It's a 200 km long skating tour (a speed skating match and a leisure tour) on natural ice in the province of Friesland. It's a huge event and I'd love to see it again. The last one took place in 1997, so it's about time we get a new (16th) edition this winter! *fingers crossed*


  1. I used to enjoy winters when I was a kid much more than I do now. I guess I've become jaded. Maybe I just need to make a few snow angels to get back that childlike wonder...

    Love your Facebook cover - gorgeous photo.

  2. I'm with you on loving the cold weather! Summers here are terribly hot and HUMID and it simply sucks the life right out of you. Definitely loving cold and crisp better!

  3. Anonymous4/12/13 13:22

    Well I as so glad that this is YOUR season and that you love it so much! because someone has too. It's not for me. I love summer. The hotter the better. But this time of year when the sky is blue and the air is crisp it is a lovely thing to see, that is for sure. Enjoy!!

  4. When you know what you love...and when you have the opportunity to be "in" what you love...what could be better? Best of luck with the skating. A year ago my older son (the one in England right now) was living & studying in Ottawa. They freeze the Rideau Canal and you can skate end to end (where they have it marked off). He did that a few times and loved it. Enjoy!!

  5. LOVE that idea of skating down a canal, seeing the lights, ice sculptures, etc...THANKS for that visual!

  6. I love how snow looks but I don't like how snow feels. Give me warm sand between my toes and I am a happy girl

  7. Elfstedentocht sounds so cool! We've just been starting to get snow where I live. Brr. Great blog!

  8. I love winter, too. The more snow the happier I am, but I have noticed in the last year or two that my body does not really like the cold. :-(

  9. I love Snow and miss it! Love your picture :))

  10. Oh wow - an Elfstedentocht sounds amazing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get you wish. Happy cold,snowy winter!

  11. I'm a secret winter lover too! It's like I've won the lottery every time it snows. :)

  12. I love the winter so much - in pictures, films and out the window. It is so very beautiful.

    And if I could look forward to the excitement of "Elfstedentocht" I might enjoy it even more!

  13. I love the "look" of winter but I'm a spring/fall type of girl as far as temperature and beauty. But, I can certainly appreciate winters as I have lived my life in Canada and we have loooonnngg winters. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, which I do, you have to learn to embrace the snow!! Enjoy!

  14. I lived in Ottawa for many years and enjoyed skating down the canal and viewing the ice sculptures!


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