Thursday, December 05, 2013

10 Things About Me

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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 5
Today's idea is a classic, simple as that: "Tell Us 10 Things About You". Sounds easy peasy, but is it? What to tell? Try not to state the obvious, or perhaps I should exactly do that. 10 things, pfew... Let me think...


If you don't know me yet, I'll share 10 things you should at least know about me...
If you do know me, can you predict which things I'm going to share in this list? Stop reading, make a list and tell me afterwards how many you had correct. :)
  1. I'm married to the love of my life, Ron. Next Saturday is our 18th wedding anniversary, but we are together for more than 25 years. We met at a local marching band: he was on drums, I was a majorette/twirler. And the rest as they say is history... and present, and future! :)
  2. I'm pagan, more precisely I call myself an eclectic heathen witch. Interested why or what that means to me? Read more here and of course you'll find lots of pagan stuff on this blog.
  3. I'm a Robbie Williams fan ever since he left Take That back in the day. I have all his albums, dvd's and more. I've been to several concerts. This year I went to his Take The Crown Tour and just yesterday I scored tickets for his Swings Both Ways Tour next year. Woohoo! :) Read my posts about him here.
  4. I love reading, I love books. I have a lot of books; you can see a small portion (appr. 1200 of them...) in my LibraryThing. I breathe books, like the smell, sound, feel, etc. of real books. My all time favourite book is The Lord Of The Rings, but there's so much more...
  5. I'm a Trekkie! Love, love, love Star Trek. I like The Original Series and love the rest. I have all seasons of The Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space Nine and all movies on dvd. I would love to have Enterprise too. Years ago I've been on television talking about Star Trek. That same day I've met Patrick Stewart, my favourite actor (not only as Capt. Picard).
  6. I'm very fond of (all!) animals. I'm a cat-lover and a dog-lover. Some say you can't be both, but I am. We share our home with 3 cats (Freyja, Bastet & Maia - goddess names) and two dogs (Foofur, a crossbreed Welsh Corgi / Jack Russell, and Arwen, a Bernese Mountaindog). Read and see more of them here on my blog.
  7. In the past I have been struggling with eating disorders and depression. For some years now I use my experience to help others. I tell my story, educate and give information to different groups of people: teenagers, students, fellow-sufferers, nurses, etc. I coach social workers and medical professionals in how to be of real help to a patient on the way to recovery by showing them a different point of view. 
  8. I'm a computer-addict. :) Internet, social media, downloading, digital photography and lots, lots more. I like to learn and try out new things. It's my window to the world.
  9. I love all seasons, but especially winter. Snow, ice, cold sunny weather... I've written about that yesterday, so I'll leave it at that here.
  10. I like to make herbal home remedies. I'm a reiki master. I make my own candles. Ron and I brew mead. I collect Dutch stamps. I miss my mum and dad. I'm a hobby-genealogist. There's always more to know... And yes, I know this is cheating. ;-))


  1. Anonymous5/12/13 14:09

    So are you opposed to the Kindle or other e-readers? I love books too and for a long time wouldn't condone them but now, I love my kindle. I buy real books to but usually novels I will download. It's just easier that way.

    1. Hmm, opposed is a big word... I'd like to have an e-reader for convenience, but my heart is in the real thing. :)

  2. THANKS for sharing Tink, so nice to get to know you more. I am a REAL book lover as well, though have been using the Kindle app on my iPad more lately (convience when travelling)...

  3. I am so enjoying reading these 10 things about everyone - I can relate to so much of what you've said here - especially books, Lord of the Rings (this book saved a lonely little girl) and Star Trek! =)

  4. Nice to get to know you better. Your husband and you have a cute meet-story.

  5. I'm loving this 10-item peek into everyone playing! I totally share your book connection.

  6. I love winter too and books and genealogy!

  7. Love reading also. My first job was as a page in our local library! Worked there all through high school and some of college. Never lost the love for books and reading. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that you met your husband in a marching band. That is an adorable story. And I too believe that you can be both a dog and cat lover - I have love enough to give to all animals!

  9. How did I miss this one? I am glad I went back to the beginning. I am having so much fun getting to know more about you and all the others who are Kickin it this month.
    I see I have so so many things in common with you.

  10. It's nice to meet more people and see how many similarities we have. I am also a book lover, you can see my list at Goodreads - under Ceanne - I love going into second hand bookstores and just the smell of old books is mesmerizing. I have gotten into e-reading a bit and that is enjoyable, but there are some books I really like to mark up as i'm reading (sacralige I know!), non-fiction only and it's harder with an e-reader to do that. I am also a cat and dog lover, we grew up with both and on my own I've had both since I was in my 20's and it's hard to imagine a home without one or the other. And...I am a tech lover...

  11. Oh...I forgot to tell you. I love your name "Tink". I had a cat that I used to call "Tink". I love the way it rolls off the tongue.

  12. Awww, happy 18th anniversary... the Porcelain or Ceramic year... Love that you met in a marching band -- too sweet! And TREK!!! Janeway. OMGosh. My all time fav sci-fi woman. And soo cool about the herbals. I picked fresh nettles last spring and nettle seeds at the end of summer with a friend...and have tinctures now that I use when breathing stuff comes up. I'm 100% off steroids now! It's awesome. Herbs rule! :)


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