Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Makes You Weepy

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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 11
Yesterday we were 'on the road' all day to Germany and back, so I didn't have time for KIOS, but I'm jumping right back in again!

Today's question is: "What makes you weepy?"


Onions make me cry, but that's just a physical reaction. Romance, children... nah, sorry, no cry. What really makes me weepy is happiness. Little things, major things... happy is weepy! :)

Weeping in sadness, yes that too. Especially when animals are ill-treated, abused, left behind and that kind of thing. It makes me very angry, but also cry for the poor souls... Although I can cry from anger too, for example when I feel I'm treated unjustly.

Listening to music can make me weepy too, for a variety of reasons. Often sadness as certain songs remind me of people that are no longer among us. Listening to 'their' music can make me feel close to them again. Music helps to remember... Sometimes I listen to songs on purpose to get the tears going; that can be very healing. Except for songs with a history there's music I like to listen to when I'm sad; I have a sad playlist on YouTube. My favourite classical sad music (sounds strange, but true) is Pavane by Gabriel Fauré (for orchestra or with voice - in this case Barbra Streisand).

Movies rarely make me cry, but there are scenes that bring tears to my eyes. Let me think... Ah yes, the end scene of 'Ghost', when Two Socks gets hurt in 'Dances With Wolves', when Rose has to let go of Jack in 'Titanic' and more I guess. Sometimes it catches me by surprise, but I'm not ashamed of it.


  1. You reminded me of how music and memories can be connected. When my mom passed away, the first thing I wanted was some of her music because it does remind me of her and it was something we both shared - a love of music (and books, and movies....) And I also have my "sad" music too. Nice post!

  2. I love that you acknowledged happy tears as well as sad - they all have their place. Music gets me, too - there are certain songs that I've had to remove from my playlist because of associated memories.

  3. I love music and yes,music and memories are highly connected!

  4. I always look at tears as a good thing -- they heal, they soothe, they cleanse...some of the best are the ones I get from laughing much too hard!

  5. Oh yes, you just reminded me: music! Totally makes me cry, too -- but usually it is one of those huge Broadway moments where someone reaches a note or series of notes that you didn't even think were possible!! :)

  6. Yes, music really does stir the can bring chills down my back.

  7. Happy tears - the best! And music can sometimes move me in a way that takes me completely by surprise - best tears ever!


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