Monday, December 02, 2013

Time Capsule

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Kickin'It Old Skool, Day 2
Today we are capturing this moment in time by answering a few questions. So let's start!


What are you reading?
I'm always reading multiple books, so here are the ones for now:

What are you watching?
Besides my all-time favourite Star Trek there are several tv-series I like: Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, NCIS, CSI, Bones, Castle.... and so much more. We recently watched Under The Dome. I also like movies, documentaries, detectives... really too much to sum up here. Did I tell you I love television and dvd..?

What are you listening to?
In my car, computer and cd-player there's one cd on repeat... Swings Both Ways by Robbie Williams. Here you can hear samples of all the songs on this great album, Rob's second swing album. Wonderful new songs, old songs and duets with Michael Bublé, Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen, Rufus Wainwright and Olly Murs.

What are you loving?
I love.... Ron of course! :) But I also love nature, books, music, internet. I love my pets, my friends and family. I love snow and ice, the cold season. I love walking my pagan path. I love the beach and dunes, trees, stones. And I could probably come up with a lot more I love!

What are you wearing?
Same as always, because i'm comfortable in it: jeans and a sweater. A new black jeans this time, just bought it a week ago, a size smaller than last time, yay!

What are you creating?
I'm busy writing a new column for PaganPages. For the December/Yule issue (coming any day now, soon!) I've writen about creative witchy stuff. My latest creation was a rite-of-passage-cord for the daughter of a Craft-sister. You can see it here.

What are you looking forward to?
I'm so much looking forward to the end of the financial crisis. In general, but especially in our own personal situation... I can't wait for it to finally end. I know there's light at the end of this very long tunnel, but I wholeheartedly hope we get there real soon!


  1. Anonymous2/12/13 13:17

    I think we could watch t.v together for sure! lol
    I loved Under the Dome and can't wait for season 2--it just got better and better as it went along.
    but alas, we could not hang out in the outdoors together for I am a summer child and the cold and wind drives me indoors faster than anything.
    Have a great Monday! and thanks for the visit

  2. Anonymous2/12/13 13:18

    Oh and btw--I am a Reiki Master too (I just glanced up at the "about me" section and saw that, what a kick!!

  3. Nice to meet you, Dawn!

  4. I am always reading a stack of books at once, too! I don't think I know how to read just one at a time. =)

  5. Congrats that your new jeans are a size smaller...that's always a feel good moment, isnt' it?

  6. Yes, I'd love to see the end of the financial crisis too. I also enjoyed reading your current loves and about your writing.

  7. Love Witchy Stuff and Nature and Books, Oh, my! :))

  8. I also enjoyed watching Under the Dome. There is lots of lovely music about. Thanks for sharing

  9. I am not sure about Under the Dome....I might watch an episode or two when it comes back to see if it grabs me.

  10. We have similar TV lists!

    I know what you mean about relief from financial crisis; we had a major one a few years back and it was a tough time and left a few scars. Hang in there!!!

  11. Star Trek at our house too! And I'm definitely checking out the swing :)

    So great to get to know you in this meme!


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